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Boomer Bob Show

Sep 15, 2018

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This episode, Bob and Derek discuss: 

  • Hurricane Florence and music incl. Tremonti, Scorpions, Ghost, 3 Days Grace
  • Charity Bomb event in LA
  • Elon gets Californicated
  • Living in a Simulated Reality/ String Theory
  • Bob Rhymes the obituaries
  • California passes yet another stupid mandate
  • Battlefield V - SJW issues within
  • Trashman issues
  • Kim K 4 pReZ
  • NY Nixon Socialist and the politicians club and abuse of ITIN
  • He doesn't like Trump and P-Rico
  • stupid bob joke
  • Being in a band vs. joining a gym
  • Biased media and Hurricanes
  • Skinwalker Ranch movie


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