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Boomer Bob Show

Sep 21, 2018

Episode 13 - Bob and Derek discuss

  • Intro stuffs/How are ya's
  • Airpods
  • I'm ova hea'now/Dice's podcast
  • Light The Torch live
  • Metallica Accoustic / Band Charity
  • Disturbed (bob snoring)
  • A7X and psuedonyms
  • Henry Rollins vs. Connor McGregor and spoken word 
  • Howard Jones on Jamey Josta's podcast
  • Nope Fish and Hootie
  • Faces of Duh'th
  • FBI derail - F Ghost, Bob likes labels, weird food habits
  • FBI derail part II
  • FBI in New Mexico story WE DID IT!
  • UFO's going to SUN-oco
  • Gas station oddities
  • post Skinwalker movie discussion
  • Creepy news story out of England
  • Derek's EVPs are coming




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