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Boomer Bob Show

Aug 12, 2018

Episode 2: this audio version includes material not included in the VIDEO version found on our Metal and Mortgages Youtube:

Epidose topics: 

  1. 4th of July is coming, plans?
  2. Bob's ceiling fan after the wife touched it
  3. Rebooting 90's 1-hit wonders?
  4. MD 20/20
  5. Maynard J. Keenan vs. ME TOO
  6. #MeToo (for like 20 minutes)
  7. China in space
  8. Elon Musk being frivelous
  9. Summer NAMM 2018 highlights (for us)
  10. Alice in Chain's new album announcement/discussion
  11. Aliens... are we just crazy?
  12. Pens, Chips... why are we getting less?
  13. Final Words