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Boomer Bob Show

Oct 18, 2020

       EP 26 Shownotes

  • Boomer Bob and WyZeGyE discuss: 
  • Hot Topics of the Mall persuasion
  • Trump and Covid and Twitter
  • Hunter the son that lived
  • Yelp’s new Racist feature and fairness across the review platforms
  • Invoke the 25th 
  • Kameltow
  • VP Michelle
  • We Took a break and got off track
  • What if (insert name here) wins the election
  • Mrs. Boomer Bob asks a question
  • Should we stock our personal food supplies?
  • Michelle Charmin that white gold
  • Femine Hygene Product discussion
  • Climate change
  • The 9/11/2001 Hurricane
  • 5G and Covid
  •  5g and the iPhone 12’s
  •  Smart meters rolling out 
  •  WyZeGyE Philosophy
  • Thanks and Exit Stage Alt-Right


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*disclaimer - the second you feel yourself becoming offended, turn the show off and find something you might enjoy more. My views are unimportant in the grand scheme of it all and really not worth the effort of fighting. I'm a product of society, as are you. Blame them, not each other.


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