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Boomer Bob Show

Feb 1, 2021

I over-edited this-  I tried a new way to remove silences and it made it choppy as hell. Being the president of the lazy losers club, it goes against my religious beliefs to undo it and edit it properly. 


Wyzegye and I try discussing what's been going on - this is the first part before a much needed bathroom break - Sorry for the jump-cut edits - I really am too lazy to fix it. 


Future parts will be released over the span of this week. 


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Mint Mobile -

MINT NOW INCLUDES 5G for the same price!


Now bumping data from 3gb to 4, 8gb to 10 and so on - what are you waiting for? I DO NOT get paid from this. 



I seriously use Mint Mobile for my family. I was paying $190/mo with Verizon. I switched everyone to Mint plans that fit their usage. Mom and brother got 3gb/mo and wife got 8gb. I went 12gb. Now we collectively pay $75/mo. Service has been great. I go with the annual plans. No-brainer. 


Plans start at just $15 bucks, and include high speed data, plus unlimited talk and text. Use my unique link and you'll get $15 added to your Mint account.



*disclaimer - the second you feel yourself becoming offended, turn the show off and find something you might enjoy more. My views are unimportant in the grand scheme of it all and really not worth the effort of fighting. I'm a product of society, as are you. Blame them, not each other.


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