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Boomer Bob Show

Aug 15, 2018

Longer version of Episode 4 - catch our video versions of these podcasts at:

Available on iTunes and Spotify


This epdisode, Bob and Derek discuss: 

  1. The new studio setting
  2. Cloudlifter CL-1 and Fethed
  3. Sasha Baron Cohen
  4. Derek goes to the movies
  5. E.U. vs Google
  6. Amazon Key
  7. Parker Solar Probe
  8. Bob gets hit by lightning
  9. Baba Venga Prophecies
  10. Rob Zombie
  11. Local Comedy Club experiences
  12. Food in Food out?
  13. Derek makes new words
  14. Fun with Siri
  15. BBB, Angies List, Home Advisor
  16. Doug Stanhope, Johnny Depp
  17. Seinfeld and Galafinakis (sp)