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Boomer Bob Show

Aug 16, 2018

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Here's a list of TOPICS we discuss: 

  1. Gas Station Hot Dogs
  2. Why is Bob wearing sunglasses INDOORS
  3. Music News includes: Sydney, AUS, Stryper's OZ Fox, BMTH, Nick Menza formerly of Megadeth, Louder than Life, Kings X, Mastadon, Disturbed
  4. our interns
  5. straws
  6. Football fans (college)
  7. our love for our interns
  8. Bob prophecizes
  9. Elon Mus-ta not known he shouldn't do that
  10. Social Media News/Streaming News
  11. 80's movies and The Hangover
  12. House of Curses love
  13. Dating profile cheats
  14. Did you everything ok?/Loop of Poop
  15. Toilet paper with Bleach?
  16. Spotting fake news and OAN network
  17. Get Jackie Chan outta the trunk, please
  18. Living near an Executive Airport
  19. Accepting baldness
  20. Golden Silence
  21. Fast Food menu readers