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Boomer Bob Show

Oct 21, 2018

Bob and Derek discuss: 

  • Godsmack cancels tour
  • All That Remains guitarist dies
  • YouTube Burnout?
  • Rosanne vs. The Connors and ABC
  • CERN playing with this planet
  • NEW SENTIENT SHELL music clip
  • Halloween 1978 and 2018
  • YouTube flashlight reviewer captures EVP while testing a flashlight

Applicable Metal & Mortgages...

Oct 12, 2018

In Week 16, Bob and Derek discuss: (ALERT: an F-bomb or 2 are present, 1 is a quote from a news story). 

  • Dropkicking Fred Durst
  • Chris Cornell remembered
  • Deftones new album, Stephen’s 9-string?
  • New Everlast record
  • SOAD hires a therapist?
  • 2019 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame nominations worth...

Oct 11, 2018

Sorry this one is a week late. 

Life... stuff... and yeah. 

Episode 16 is being edited NOW... 

Catch us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instawhatever... all that stuff. 

Intro Music - Sentient Shell

Outtro Music - Bob


Oct 1, 2018

B&D discuss:

  • Weezer’d AL
  • Andy McKee
  • Kiss’ farewell tour
  • Kirk Hammet Solo Album?
  • MMA featuring McGregor vs. Khabib
  • The Cos’ doin’ time
  • Bob figures out his Tick Double slit experiment And more….

Intro Music Credit: Sentient Shell-  Outro Music Credit: Weezer