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Boomer Bob Show

May 17, 2019

Episode 32 Topics:

Music News: Kiss, SOAD, Hellyeah, Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Tool, Killswitch Engage, Dunable Guitars,  more


Various headlines

New Guitar Day - 

2020 race - what needs to be discussed

Voicemail Hotline

see ya next week




Applicable Metal & Mortgages...

Apr 22, 2019

It's all in the hips. 


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Mar 28, 2019

Ep. 30 - I'm sick as hell y'all. Barely got this edited. 

Enjoy the episode, hope to see ya soon. 


Some topics i recall - 

Bob's on a new Galaxy

Myspace looses 50M songs

Slipknot litigation

Phil Anselmo denied

Lollapalooza 2019 


SF Thrash Documentary

Erasing Family Documentary

AirPods 2 


Mar 20, 2019

Ep. 29 Bonus


0:00 - College admissions scandal discussion

6:10 - UFO stories, Whistleblower ratings 1-10

29:20 - Rh Neg blood 

30:57 - Knock that sh*t off! x2


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